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Meraviglia Group

The Meraviglia Group is well known for producing Italian handmade
full bespoke riding boots, golf-, dancing-, and sailing shoes.

It started in Hong Kong in 2012 as a one time project to enhance the visibility of small Italian factories and artisans using their unused capacity and their high skills to develop a global brand of highest quality tailor-made leather products.

Within the first 18 months Meraviglia served more than 200 customers in HK, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Korea, Singapore and Thailand.
Now almost all other markets in Asia, in the Middle East and Europe are covered

Meraviglia successfully passed an audit to certify a 100% made in Italy certification as one of the first fashion brands. The Italian Chamber of Commerce awarded Meraviglia for the innovative business concept

The Meraviglia group now diversified the collection into Riding, Golf, Dance and Fashion


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