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Discipline: Show Jumping

Country: United Kingdom

Who is: He is a British Olympic Show Jumper.  He was ranked 5th by the British Show Jumping Association in March 2014.

Rodrigo Mata Garcia

Discipline: Show jumping

Country: Mexico


Who is: He is a 15 year old young man who loves to ride a horse and I try my best to be able to dedicate myself to this one day. He has been riding since he was 3 years old.

Discipline: Show jumping
Sporting Achievement:
I was a national bronze with 10 years, national silver with 12, bronze FEI children silver tour in Mexico with 13 years and 14th world in 2021.

According to him a pair of riding boot is suitable if it adapts to the shape of his leg and is flexible to be able to put pressure on the stirrup and if it is resistant.

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Francesca Zazza

Disciplines: Show jumping

Country: Italy

Who is: She currently live in Mexico. She say about her:”I am passionate about everything I do and I always willing to learn”.

Sporting Achievement: Her most important milestone was the debut in the 1.30m category in 2021 with my 7 years old horse Tequila.

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Emiliano Schiavone

Discipline: Jumping, Dressage

Country: Costa Rica

Who is: He has been passionate about horses since I was little, my life is horse riding.
He has been riding for 4 years and he practices Show Jumping and Dressage but his favorite is Show Jumping. He works out 3 hours per day.

Sporting Achievement: He compete in Children’s Category jumping 1.10 /1.20.
He has competed in several countries such as the USA (Wellington), Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Costa Rica and he has always obtained excellent results.

According to him, Meraviglia Rinding Boots “are suitable since they were made, they are the best I have ever had. They are perfect, comfortable, I feel safe when riding and, at the same time, their design and style are elegant and modern”.

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Miranda Carogallo

Discipline: Show jumping

Country: Argentina

Who is: She is a former professional race car driver, an athlete, She consider herself a tenacious, demanding person who works to achieve her goals and surpass herself.
She like listening, observing and learning from riders (professional or not).
She has been riding fot 7 consecutive years. Part of her childhood and some of her adolescence I have ridden for a while.

Sporting Achievement: 2016 third place ranking national championship;
2016 runner-up CAE; 2017; Third place in the north zone equestrian cup championship in 1.00 mt; 2017 qualification to participate in Federal Cup;
2018 Various classification.

According to her, a good pair of riding boot it feels comfortable, both for riding, walking and teaching. In addition to a nice design, it must be and have quality details, such as its seams, its sole which must have the right grip, hold the foot and calf well. It should feel like a glove.

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Jimena Medrano

Discipline: Jumping

Country: Costa Rica

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Discipline: Show Jumping

Country: Mexico

Who is: Hannah Nájera has been riding for almost 4 years. She practices showjumping and she won 1st places with her horse Gangster in 90cm and 2-4 in 1 meter. She lives in Queretaro, Mexico. She is a 15 year old girl who loves and enjoys riding. She is also a student in her first grade of high school. Her perfect riding boots are long, black, comfortable, with laces and a nice fit.

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Kate Lauren Lumsen

Discipline: Eventing

Country: Hong Kong

Who is: She is a young rider training for future competition seasons. I have been riding for around 7 years. 

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